1. sucysucyfivedolla:

    like it’s not “whoops I’m PREGNANT AGAIN tee hee time for an abortion!!” 

    nobody fuckin does that. nobody

    it’s more along the lines of

    do you want an abortion or do you want to die

    do you want an abortion or do you want to watch your baby die after a week

    do you want an abortion or do you want your life to fall apart around you because of a child you are either unable or unfit to support

    do you want to give up a fetus or a living, breathing baby

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  2. kaliforhnia:

    Idk why I keep getting sad over people that don’t give a shit about me.

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  4. shota-pop:

    when you genuinely like and care for someone but can’t express it without being weird


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  5. animauxing:

    may nook man have mercy on my weak human soul

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  6. hotclog:

    is ugly an emotion bc im feeling it

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  7. syllirium:

    - Am I going insane?..

    - No, you’re perfectly fine…

    Here’s me again… doing sth Hannibal-ly…

    oh, hell… no way that sounded right =_=

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  8. amberprotocol:

    another obligatory gifset of hannibal cooking

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  9. caseyanthonyofficial:

    When your girlfriend tries to hold your hand before marriage


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  10. Amy Poehler: Mean Girls - Mrs. George (2004) vs. Parks & Recreation - Leslie Knope (2014)

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  11. generalbooty:

    yeah so i slept with this dude last night and idk we were chatting a bit  during the sexy time and for some reason his birthday came up and i was like “wait 25th of september? DUDE me TOO, wtf thats such a coincidence” and he was like “really? we have the same birthday? are u fuckin with me?” and i just looked down at his penis literally inside my vagina and was like “well technically yeah” and he was like haha nice one and high fived me

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  12. ronaldtherapist:

    actual storyline from american horror story

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  13. officialunitedstates:



    things I know about brazil:

    • jungle
    • jesus statue

    The Jesus is statue is in Rio, you uneducated swine 


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  14. the many costumes of cas

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  15. gamma0rionis:

    Night Vision of Melbourne, Australia

    Melbourne seen from the International Space Station at night reveals its young history. Unlike the winding streets in older European cities, Melbourne’s streetlights follow a more planned grid system. Established in 1835 around the natural bay of Port Phillip Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria in Australia.

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